To Promote, Restore, and Conserve

The Patrons of the Arts are passionate about the arts’ ability to inspire, elevate, and reveal the human spirit. Our mission is to promote, restore, and conserve the artistic patrimony of the collections and buildings of the Vatican Museums. As an interfaith nonprofit organization, patrons are organized into regional chapters that further its members’ knowledge of these works of art through local events and Vatican Museums activities.

Patrons are dedicated to sustaining one of the oldest and most unconventional museums in the world. Unlike other major museums, the Vatican Museums receive no tax revenue to sponsor the restoration of its treasures, and therefore rely significantly on the generosity of our Patrons.

The Patrons enable the Vatican Museums to:

  • Restore and conserve the works of art of the Holy See;
  • Convey the cultural, spiritual, and historic patrimony of the Vatican Museums;
  • Improve, enrich, and expand the Vatican Museum’s facilities and collections.